Couples/Relationships and Marriage Counseling

Every couple’s relationship provides a myriad of challenges and opportunities for growth-and often it is easy to become ‘stuck.’ Exploring different prospectives and hidden agendas can lead to new heights of intimacy for couples. Whether it is learning new skills for more effective communication, learning ways to resolve problems, or developing ways to enhance and deepen your relationship; participating in counseling is a terrific investment in your relationship future.

Using the most current research information and methods, couples can experiment with new and different ways of ‘being with each other’ that will open their eyes to possibilities unrealized before. My approach includes both exploring how your history has impacted your relationship, as well as developing behavioral goals to help you actively pursue the relationship you want.

  • Develop skills that will help you communicate more effectively
  • Handle your conflicts in ways that don’t pull you apart
  • MANAGE your relationship rather than letting it  MANAGE YOU
  • Learn how to transition passion into long-term satisfaction

Premarital Counseling
Certified Provider of PREPARE/ENRICH   Building Strong Marriages

Premarital Counseling is the greatest investment you can make in your MARRIAGE.  Most couples spend thousands of dollars on their WEDDING, which lasts for a few hours,  and ignore the value of planning for the future of their relationship.

The primary purpose of Premarital Counseling is to have the discussions you need to have before you marry.  Marriage is a lifetime commitment……but most people don’t think about ALL the things that will be involved in having a life long full-time relationship.  I believe that preparation can help you ‘follow your heart…..without losing your head!’

Premarital package includes:

  • PREPARE/ENRICH–Online questionnaire that you take at your convenience
  • Customized report on levels of satisfaction in 10 areas of relationship (including  Communication; Conflict Resolution;  Financial; Spiritual; Parenting and Children; Sexuality; Family of Origin; Personality Style and Habits; Friends and Interests;  Relationship Skills)
  • Partner workbooks with activities in each area
  • 6 sessions to discuss your report, as well as your own questions and concerns
  • Certificate of completion for savings on marriage certificate